Histological analysis

Our objective is to provide comprehensive scientific analysis and examination service while maintaining full control over the cost of sample treatment. Therefore, our team of scientific and medical experts aligns with you on preclinical and clinical study planning in order to support you with high-quality scientific consulting and prepare an offer that is tailored to the specific requirements of your research project.

Histological analysis and (immune-)histochemistry

We are experienced in processing all types of specimens. Based on your requirements, we choose a suitable embedding method to process soft and hard tissue biopsies as well as biomaterials. Besides paraffin embedding, various special polymer embedding methods are also at our disposal. Furthermore, different sectioning methods, including ground section, provide an ideal basis for the analysis of the integration and tissue reactions of a variety of biomaterials. We offer specialized histochemical staining techniques as well as immunohistochemical approaches, such as staining of M1- and M2-macrophages or various matrix proteins.

Histopathological analysis

Use our experience in medical devices in your studies. Our qualitative histopathological examination encompasses a well-established, multiply published analysis protocol according to DIN EN ISO /IEC 17025.

Histopathological analysis

Use our experience with medical devices in your studies. Our qualitative histopathological examination encompasses a well-established, multiple-published analysis protocol according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.
Our key expertise is the evaluation of interactions between biomaterials and the surrounding tissue:
· Integration of biomaterials / implants into soft or bone tissue
· Interaction between biomaterial and different cell types such as macrophages, multinucleated giant cells, fibroblasts, granulocytes etc.
· Material degradation (f.e. phagocytosis processes)
· Inflammatory reactions within the peri-implant tissue, considering its characteristics and involved cell types
· Rejection processes like material-induced fibrosis · Implant bed vascularisation
If desired, we can also perform a histomorphometric analysis on your samples or add different analysis parameters of your choice.

Histomorphometric analysis

Using a digitization system and specialized analysis software, we can find quantitative answers to your research questions. We provide measurements of your tissue samples suited to your needs. In this context, we are able to analyze a wide range of parameters related to different tissues and biomaterials, with particular regard to biomaterial-mediated tissue regeneration.
· Material-associated tissue regeneration (e.g., ratio of newly formed bone within the implant area of a bone substitute material, bone-implant-contact, etc.)
· Volume stability and degradation rate of a biomaterial
· Vascularisation of the implant bed
· The presence of pro- or anti-inflammatory macrophages, multinucleated giant cells, or other cell types that are related to inflammation
· Numerous other parameters: we intend to answer your scientific question

Research reports and evaluations of (pre-) clinical studies

Our team will prepare scientific analyses and research reports and take over the complete data evaluation and scientific reporting for you. Finally, we prepare research reports and publications for you. 

We would be happy to discuss your research project with you in order to prepare an individual offer!

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